Innovative Networks fully managed voice services provide customers a complete network reliability, overseing technology operations from End-to-End.
As your IT partner, we manage cloud-based unified communications strategy from planning, testing, and implementation to managing device level updates.
Our VOIP solutions are designed and built around reliability and quality service running predictably, optimally and securely.


  • Mobility features for employees
  • Global installation and service
  • SIP, IP or Digital telephone sets
  • Local, long distance and global calling
  • Advanced calling features


Your network infrastructure design is a critical component of your success. Innovative Networks delivers network solutions with the right technology for your business that meets your needs.

Our team will conduct site surveys and network assessments to better understand your environment, then work with you to analyze and document a network infrastructure design that meets your specific configuration requirements and network management needs.

These include:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Firewalls
  • Routers and Switches
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Rack and Stack
  • DNS records
  • Internet Requirements


Network installation services require extensive IT project management and skills. The process of aligning your IT infrastructure installations with your business goals is a very challenging one.
Innovative Networks comprehensive methodology allows for seamless customization and standardization. For large and small sites alike, we offer ease and confidence when integrating new technologies into new and existing environments.

Services include:

  • Point Of Sale
  • ATM Sysytems
  • Inormmational Kiosks
  • Digital Signage Systems
  • Overhead Audio Systems
  • Audio/Video Security Systems
  • Entry Point Systems


During the development stage, Innovative Networks designs a custom riser backbone system and creates a database of circuit information. The riser management team then extends all voice and internet cabling from the network closet or NETPOP (network point of presence) into a tenant’s space for termination.
Innovative Networks offers development and installation services for a full scope of telecommunication infrastructure and riser backbone systems.

Services include:

  • Fiber optics
  • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
  • MPLS
  • CATV
  • Ethernet
  • T1 digital carrier systems


By leveraging this global reach and our broad industry knowledge, Innovative Networks acts as an extension of your company to deliver scalable, consistent and high-quality Telecomunications services and technology deployment solutions. At Innovative Networks, our IT services cover every corner of your network, from infrastructure to devices to Voice and Internet. We are your one-stop provider for getting everything IT related done right.

Our Clients

Chicago Athletic Association
Marc Realty
Soma Institute

Innovative Networks, LLC
223 West Jackson Blvd.,
Chicago, IL, 60606

International:   +1 312.453.7777
Local Toll-Free: +1 855.go4.inet

Email: info@in-networks.com


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